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Welcome to Ressa’s Shoe Service.  Located in Spokane, Washington, our Company has been in the family since 1946.  The current owner, Greg Ressa, started in the shoe service industry at the age of ten when he and his five brothers began learning the trade from their father.  The Ressa family has a rich tradition of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail.

In addition to making your shoes and boots like new, we also repair all types of sporting equipment including items for hockey, baseball, and water sports.  All leather goods such as purses, coats, briefcases, gun cases, backpacks, tents …..well, you get the idea.  If it comes through the door, chances are, we can fix it!

We also sell shoes and work boots such as Rockport, Wolverine, Thorogood* and Wesco*.  Then there are the shoe and foot care items – insoles, laces, polishes, leather conditioners…..we can make you look and feel good!

One of our specialties is repairing rock climbing shoes.  New toe rands and half-soles can help you be the best climber out there!  And, don’t forget those Birkenstocks.  We can install new footbeds and soles.

From Allen Edmonds to Zodiacs, we have repaired and refurbished all of them over the years.  So, send us your favorite pair of footwear and let us make them like new again!

*Made in the USA.  Plus, Wesco’s can be custom fitted to your foot.

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